flux studio & gallery · 754 government street · mobile AL

Mobile, ALA – A new creative tide is swelling off the coastline. Artists and friends Chris Cumbie and Duane Knight have joined forces to establish flux, working studio, a curated gallery for local and regional contemporary art, an incubator for creative entrepreneurship, an educational facility and a vital resource for art on the Gulf Coast. Located at 754 Government Street in downtown Mobile, this endeavor is aptly named. flux aspires to be a hub of continuous change and a purifying agent used to unify creative efforts.This exciting partnership is the result of a long friendship, shared vision and a commitment to the arts, artists, and our community. Cumbie and Knight have individually traveled their work throughout the country, but as Gulf Coast natives they have a shared vested interest in supporting the local creative community. flux, among other things will function as a curated venue for local and regional talent of all media. This will establish a much needed opportunity for hard working artist in the area, in addition to fostering a greater appreciation for art in Mobile. The gallery will mount seven shows a year, both solo exhibitions and group collaborations. An open proposal process will allow any artist in the area to apply and a diverse selection of guest curators will ensure that flux brings challenging, edgy and socially relevant exhibitions to our area.

Phase one of flux is complete, the studio/workspaces are in order. Phase two is a retail partnership to be announced in the coming weeks. Phase three, a loaded gallery, will launch its first exhibition January 2017. Phase four, the sky is the limit, from public art to events to education and much more, many great things are to come. For more exciting revelations, more information about these artists and continuous updates on the state of flux, please follow flux on social media.

Chris Cumbie is a master of manipulation. He turns junk into a juxtaposition of pulchritude. Stagnant into movement. Wood into wonder. Metal into magic. His dreams are brought to life in a flurry of sawdust, fire, sparks and madness. His vision is provocative. The journey of conception to the final result is a story that is told in the details of every piece. Chris is an award-winning artist who frequents juried fine art festivals throughout the country. You can stalk Chris at www.facebook.com/ChrisCumbiert or on IG – ChrisCumbieArt

Duane Knight is an intergalactic warrior from the other dimension that has the cool lasers and stuff. He came here to impart the secret physics of space navigation through optical intake of specific color spectrums and patterns as they call upon ancient natural powers known by all living creates in this realm except humans. Through visual production he translates the ageless knowledge and wisdom of the cosmos. Take a peek into Duane’s World at www.facebook.com/DuaneKnightArt

For more information about flux please contact either Chris or Duane at chris_cumbie@yahoo.com and shufo44@gmail.com